If you are interested in being a vendor please see our vendor policies for information on how to apply.  Below is a layout of Spangler Arena.  Vendors are arranged on the wall with the cement pad and are open during posted Flea Market hours.  A list of confirmed vendors is below.

Bold = confirmed vendors

Section 1

  1. Geocoin Club, LLC / Pathtags.com
  2. Geocoin Club, LLC / Pathtags.com
  3. Geocoin Club, LLC / Pathtags.com
  4. Space Coast Geocaching Store
  5. Space Coast Geocaching Store
  6. Space Coast Geocaching Store
  7. ArtEdCraftEd
  8. Sheryl's Trendy Treasures


Section 2

  1. Tampa Bay Geocaching Store
  2. Red Hat
  3. Red Hat
  4. Drives Cache Closet
  5. Drives Cache Closet
  6. Drives Cache Closet
  7. Drives Cache Closet